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Bob Stauch

Things that have influenced me most in my turning are the combined forms of color, shape, and texture found in nature, and the incredible shapes and design of the Southwestern Indian pottery, especially that of the Acoma Pueblo. Most of the bowls I turn tend to be southwest in design, and I often like to combine media adding color dyes, turquoise inlay, or pine needle basketry to create more unique pieces. I have also started experimenting with carving and wood burning techniques and the creative possibilities they bring. I pride myself in taking the time to put as fine a finish as I can on the bowl. I feel that even plain woods have much beauty to offer if finished well. I do some utilitarian pieces, but tend more toward open and closed art forms, turning a variety of both domestic and exotic woods. Because I find I most enjoy using local woods from downed trees destined for landfills or fireplaces, and am always chasing the sound of chain saws to see what trees the neighbors might be taking down.


I am a member of New Mexico Woodturners and the American Association Of Woodturners. If you would like more infomation about my work, contact me.

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