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Rebecca Titus Taylor

I am an experimental artist and digital painter, specializing in mandalas, whimsical photo manipulation, and detailed colorful abstract digital paintings. I love trying out new mediums and techniques, and combining traditionally drawn and/or painted imagery with digital effects. I am inspired by many things - patterns, textures, shadows, & reflections in nature and manmade environments, music & song lyrics, cliches & word play, the sky & weather, water & the ocean, faces, animal & human behavior, other artists, cultural icons & symbolism.

I also collect and hand-paint old records, then warp them to form bowls, clocks, mirrors, and whimsical sculpture.

Fine art prints and delightful gift products of my mandalas and illustrations are available to purchase online at SmugMug, Fine Art America, RedBubble, and Society6. Please feel free to email me with questions and/or inquiries!

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